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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Are you the real original manufacturer?

Yes, and no. We are not only manufacturer but we can also offer you design, approval and even installation se rvice in some countries. Steel structure is manufactured and pre-assembled by us. For houses need so many m aterials and we can not manufacture all of them. So some buildings materials we purchased from our cooperat ive factories. Each material we have test reports and we can assure you all the materials meet local building co de requirements.

2.Can you manufacture any customized building we'd like you to ?

Technically speaking, the answer is yes. We have our own design team and can offer you architecture design, civil design, structure design and decoration design which can meet the local building code of USA, Australia and Europe. After you confirm our design, we can supply you the corresponding building materials and pre-as sembled service.

3.Do I need to be a pro to order from you?

No,you don’t have to.

4.Why should I trust you?

We understand your concern. And we believe trust is the most valuable asset in a successful business. But it is not easy to be gained.

Here we listed some useful information to dispel your doubts.

Business Authenticity :

1.We have all licenses for manufacturing and trading (importing & exporting).

  1. Our business, factory and office are verified on-site by ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO 45001.
  2. We have technical service in USA, Australia and Shanghai. And you can talk to our colleagues in USA or Australia. And local service will make you trust us easier.

Team Credentials:

  1. Well-educated founding team.
  2. More than 15 years experience in prfab houses and modular houses. Our team members have participated in the construction of Disneyland Houses in China which has maximum requirements in China and the world.

Other Facts:

  1. Most of our clients become return clients.
  2. Client Referrals are very common in our business.

Please contact us now!

5.Where are the products manufactured?

They are all manufactured in China, since it has the most efficient and complete supply chain for our products. In Australia and USA we can even help you with engineering drawing approvals and house building services.

6.I'm new here, how should I order from you?

If it’s your first time and your are not familiar with building products, we recommend that you read the article we’ve prepared for you, and take a look at this FAQ session. So you will have an idea of how it works. However, you are always more than welcome to contact us for assistance.

7.How long does the production take?

It’s on an individual basis. But we have some numbers here to help you get a rough idea.

Sample Order:

5 Days – Architecture design.

5 Days – Structure design and calculation report.

5 Days – Manufacturing drawings.

30-45 Days – Manufacturing time.

8.Do I have to provide shipping agencies?

No, you don’t have to. We have strategic shipping agency partners that will cover everything for you.

But if you do have preferred agencies, we are happy to forward the shipping service to them.

9.How long does the shipping take?

It depends on the freight service you chose. Please contact us for more details.


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